First Appearance

Chapter Two, Page 32


Early Twenties

Hair Color


Eye color



Many, none known names

Main Abilities

Fire, Mechanical Arm, Motorcycle

Group Association

Sheath, Feed & Orbit, Drift, Float

A young Latina woman in her early twenties, who works as a licensed bandit in the Wasteland to support her extended family, of which she is the eldest sister, who all live peacefully in a modest home somewhere. A relatively new addition to the main questing party, Tear, as a professional bandit, is skilled with motorcycles and cooking spicy Mexican cuisine. Tear has the ability to create and control fire, using it to assist her devastating martial arts skills. A side effect of her power is that she is granted the ability to fly.


Tear is one of the most average of all of the characters in A.T.X.S. She originates from a very average family, though they have never been seen. She is the oldest of a large Latino family. Although it is not for certain on why she became a bandit (perhaps it was to help take care of such a large family) we do know that she originally left home in order to pick up milk and olive oil. Through a number of odd circumstances, she eventually encountered Sheath and her group, and ended up joining them on their quests.


Tear's Latina heritage is reflected deeply in her appearance. Her hair is a dark brown, and her eyes are bright orange. Her body is toned but thin, reflective of her many years as a bandit and the many battles she has encountered. She sports a black jacket, a light orange tank top and a black pair of jeans. Recently, she has acquired a mechanical right arm.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Tear is one of the strongest characters in A.T.X.S. Through her training as being a bandit and taking care of a large family alike, she's become quite a powerful woman.

Flame Manipulation:Edit

Her main skill involves everything flame. From her first appearance she has shown a great deal of skill in creating fire and using it any way she wants. In every fight her main weapon is her fire itself.

Mechanical Arm:Edit

In more recent chapters Tear has attained a mechanical arm, although she has not used it as much in fights. In the future is is thought that it will be used along with her fire talents to produce devastating power in attacks.

Strength and Speed:Edit

Though Tear's strength seems about average, although her mechanical arm does assist with this. Her speed however, is a major forte for her, and she uses it regularly to get the upper hand in battles.

Tear in A.T.X.S.Edit

Chapter One: Abrupt LandingEdit

Tear was not seen in the first chapter.

Chapter Two: Unforeseen ConsequencesEdit

Tear is first introduced in Chapter Two. While Drift drives Sheath and the group through the desert, they encounter a group of bandits, including Tear, who attack them. Through a series of fights, Tear along with Float, were captured by the Wasteland Police and taken to prison.

Chapter Three: To ReuniteEdit

Tear is rarely seen in this chapter, since the most part of it takes place in Sheath (who encountered Shift and her brother Brake along with their group) coming and saving her, along with Float. During the times we do see her, we grow to learn more about her history and herself and is the opening process of her eventually joining the group. At the end of the chapter, she is finally saved and officially joins.

Chapter Four: The Beach EpisodeEdit

After being rescued by Sheath and her group from the Wasteland Prison, she celebrates with the group by going on vacation to the beach. Their fun and play is quickly interrupted by an attacking giant sea monster. Although it is defeated eventually, it did herald a group of inter-dimensional police, Condemn and Drain, who quickly slaughtered the entire group. However, the one person they could not kill was Sheath, and through her insatiable bickering, they decided to reverse time and spare all of their lives.

Chapter Five: The "What do you mean 'crazy'?"Edit

The group concludes that they need to find a way to gather funds, but Sheath is always causing trouble. They decide to send her to an Insane Asylum to try and help her with her problems. While Sheath is sent away, Tear and the group encounter the destructive force of the Postman. Through a series of battles, the are constantly defeated. It takes Feed to rescue Sheath for them to defeat him.

Chapter Six: Suddenly its Sci-FiEdit

After the events in the previous chapter, Tear and the group and mainly not seen. However, Shift and Brake and their group encounters inter-dimentional bandits, called the Void Knights, who are running from the inter-dimensional police, Condemn and Drain. While battling, Tear and the group come across the scene and quickly join in. It is within this chapter Tear gains a mechanical form which results in having a completely mechanical arm. In the end, the Condemn and Drain return to capture them, leaving everyone else behind. Tear then enters a portal that leads to the Twilight Forest.

Chapter Seven: Highly Doubtful Special 5 Edit


  • Tear owns a sleek, maroon motorcycle.
  • Tear has a very large extended family.
Tear and cycle

Tear on her motorcycle.