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Chapter 3, Page 63


22 years old

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Brake, Squish

The de-facto leader of the party, warrior of great strength, and resident wielder of a giant sword. Though she is the same age as Sleep, differing circumstances of life-development caused her to become something of a world-weary cynic. Nevertheless, despite her acerbic tongue and sullen demeanor, Shift is a fundamentally good person who is as dedicated to her friends as she would be to her family -- if she had one. Oftentimes this comes down to securing the bottom line for the party by any means necessary.


Not very much is known of Shifts history in A.T.X.S. We do know that some horrible circumstances must have created her deep and serious attitude and set her forth to form her own group for questing. Through some part in her early life she gained her sword and was able to quickly learn the skills required to make her strong.


Shift is a very young girl and the shortest within her group, her height barely paralleling Feed. Her hair is a basic purple and her eyes are a bright green. She has a blue cap turned backwards, a  necklace or pendant, a purple medium-sleeved shirt, blue jean shorts, yellow shoes, and a huge sword which she carries upon her back, which is easily her most recognizable feature.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


Shift's main skill is with her huge sword. Made of a very solid metal and with a height nearly her entire body's length long, it is a very powerful weapon. In recent chapters it was shown to have the power to even combat against the strength of inter-dimensional bandits.


Shift's speed and power is one of the highest ranking in all of A.T.X.S. Very few have been able to rival her power.

Shift in ATXSEdit

Throughout A.T.X.S., Shift has been seen rarely throughout the early parts of the series. In her first encounter, she teams up with Shift to go rescue Float and Tear, although she turns on Feed when she isn't given the money that was offered for saving them in the first place.

They aren't seen again for quite some time, until they battle the Void Knights. Shift takes on the apparent leader, Knight Void Knight, and eventually actually ends up damaging the extremely powerful entity. In the end, after Condemn and Drain return and capture the Knights, Sheath attempts to tell Shift to join them.


  • Shift's main weapon is her huge sword which is a reference to many anime which feature similar circumstance.