Sheath, the main protagonist of ATXS

First Appearance

Chapter 01, Page 001


16 Years Old

Hair Color


Eye color




Main Abilities

Regeneration, energy control, high agility and speed

Group Association

Feed & Orbit, Float, Drift, Tear

The protagonist of this epic saga, a plucky and energetic sixteen year old with a small brain and an even smaller attention span. Sheath fell asleep on the bus one day and found herself in another world, apparently ruined by some ancient calamity. In her dreams she sometimes sees a blood-red cabin in a twilit bayou, that calls to her with a voiceless, pulsating urge. But most of the time she forgets about it and does what she pleases. Sheath has the power to manipulate concentrated energy, such as beams and auras, and her extremely loose memory allows her to "forget" - and therefore recover from - even the most grievous injuries. She also has apparently broken up with her boyfriend Liquefy, who has never appeared in the comic.


Sheath was an orphan and grew up with her brother, Brake, at an unknown monastery. At the monastery she was meant to learn information regarding magic and healing, but passed by most of theses days without much, if any, progress. When Sheath was six years old her brother Brake left the monastery to go on periodic quests. Later, when she was eight years old, Brake would leave again for an eight year quest with no contact with Sheath at all. Not much is known of Sheath between the ages of eight and sixteen years old.

One day, when Sheath was sixteen, she fell asleep on a bus and when she awoke she found herself in the amazing intricate world of ATXS. It was then her journey epic journey would begin.


Sheath is sixteen years old and her body structure, height, and weight are on average. Her hair is light blonde, equal to her height in length, and is usually pulled back in a tube fashion. She wears a small blue vest that cuts off at her upper waist and a white undershirt with a pair of small blue shorts to match. Along her forearms and hands is a pink colored glove like cloth. On her feet she wears a pair of blue tennis shoes.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Sheath possesses a number of powerful special abilities, most of which seem to be used without any prior knowledge of even having the skill.


One of Sheath's main abilities is regeneration. Throughout the series Sheath has shown to be able to recuperate from any physical damage done to her. Whether it has been tremendous explosions, impaling, severe gashes and cuts, or even losing limbs, she has always been able to recover with enough time with no visible scars from the incident.

It is later stated that this happens because Sheath is just too dumb to understand the damage and by extension, her body doesn't recognize being hurt.

Energy ManipulationEdit

Throughout the series Sheath has shown a keen ability to control her inner energy and use it to her wishes. She has been shown created huge energy blasts of almost any sort. At times she even fakes an energy blast to psyche out an opponent. Most people around her are surprised when they witness such power. Sheath's Energy Manipulation ability is not limited to her own energy, and she can in fact take advantage of any energy around her even if its source is her foe. Such examples are her snatching a shard of Corral's energy slash, or using the Postman's trademark energy against him.

Agility and SpeedEdit

Sheath has been shown to have immense agility and decent speed. She can almost dodge any attack that she sees coming at her, although she doesn't seem to react as well if the attack comes from behind. She has also shown to be able to move incredibly fast and jump higher than average people.

Sheath in A.T.X.S.Edit

Chapter One: Abrupt LandingEdit

In the early pages of A.T.X.S., Sheath encounters many people who would eventually form together with her to become their own adventuring group. The first person she meets is a young girl named Feed and her round purple pet Orbit. Sheath doesn't pay her much attention due to her battle with the Mailman. Not long after, she meets what would be her rival in the early days, Float. After the three get caught in a fierce battle against a mechanical junk yard robot and an indian, they are all saved by Drift, who offers them a ride.

Chapter Two: Unforeseen ConsequencesEdit

Although Sheath does not do much in this arc, she still plays a part. After ending up in the Great Desert with her newly found companions, Float, Feed & Orbit, and Drift, they find themselves being chased by powerful bandits an the local police. Although a fierce battle takes place, Sheath is not able to protect her friends, and one of the bandits Tear, get arrested and taken to the local government, which is in the form of a diner, and locked away.

Chapter Three: To ReuniteEdit

Sheath and her group venture to the local government where the prison is held to save her new friends, Float and Tear. Along the way they meet up with another group lead by a young woman named Shift. In this group Sheath finally sees her brother again, Brake and has a nice reunion. After formalities, Feed hires the group to help them save Float and Tear. They are successful in saving the, but are turned on when they aren't able to pay. Sheath remained basically unharmed.

Chapter Four: The Beach EpisodeEdit

After recovering from the epic battle, Sheath and her friends take a vacation to the beach for some nice old-fashioned relaxation. However, everyone is interrupted when a giant squid attacks. Sheath immediately becomes friends with the beast, but regardless, it is killed. Afterwords, Sheath encounters two inter-dimensional police, Drain and Condemn, which chase our heroes down and slaughters all of them, except Sheath who is impervious. When Sheath continually taunts Condemn and Drain with her antics, Drain finally decides to reset time to before the Beach scene ever happened.

Chapter Five: "What do you mean 'crazy'?"Edit

In this chapter, Sheath is more or less the most focused character. Due to the lack of funds, everyone begins contemplating on how they could gain some revenue. Unfortunately, drove by Sheath's insane habits, a vote is put forth to send Sheath to an asylum in hopes of repairing her mind. Although Float objects, the vote passes and Sheath is sent away. At the Asylum, Sheath meets the head doctor, Dr. Jump, who records his patients thoughts and uses them in his novels. She also meets a deeply depressed young lady named Leap, who seems to have potentially grown up with Sheath. However, we aren't able to get many answers due to a war against the nurses breaking out. In the end, Sheath is pulled away from the battle by Feed, who takes her back to the group to help defeat the evil Postman.

Chapter Six: Suddenly its Sci-fiEdit

In the newest chapter, Sheath encounters the Void Knights, who seem to be on the run from the inter-dimensional police, Drain and Condemn. Although Sheath hasn't participated in any battle yet, she may encounter trouble soon. At this point, her brother Brake and his group also appears, but Sheath has not seen her brother yet.



Sheath and the Cabin

  • Sheath occasionally refers to a dark cabin she seen early in the series, but before anything is done about it, Sheath spontaneous personality gets in the way.
  • Sheath's brother, Brake, is a character in one of raocow's earlier comics.