First Appearance

Chapter 01, Page 011


Fifteen Years Old

Hair Color

Light Blue

Eye Color




Main Abilities

Fashion Blade

Group Association

Sheath, Feed & Orbit, Tear, Drift

An attractive and fashionable fifteen year-old who attended high school before all this craziness started, Float is the treasurer of the Bushido Fashion Club at her school, and in these economic hard times, seeks alternative methods of funding for her club. Officers of the Bushido Fashion Club obviously value both skilled kenjutsu, and perfect makeup and hair, and Float is no exception. Straddling the world with her sandaled feet, in her little pleated miniskirt and halter top, Float has excellent command of the multiple forms of the Fashion Blade, a powerful variant of iaido. Her unique katana has two forms: the Blood Blade mode, which uses devastating close-range physical attacks, and the White Fire mode, which appears when the Blood Blade has tasted enough blood, and can launch deadly lightning-based ranged attacks.


Although not much can be said for certain, most of Float's past is well known. She seems to be, more or less, a regular fifteen year old girl. She is the Treasurer of her high school's Bushido Fashion Club, who admire great fashion and great skill with the blade. In recent times, she does not attend the club as regularly as she used to due to the need to attain money to fund the club.


Float is the most fashionable of all characters in the A.T.X.S. universe, or, at least by her standards she is. Her hair is aqua colored and usually kept up with yellow and pink hair pins. She wears a halter top and a short plaid miniskirt with sandals on her feet. She can usually be seen with her mp3 player or a katana on her waist.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


Float and her katana

Float has one of the largest set of attacks and skills in A.T.X.S. She is the main fighter in her group and thus has the most experience. Her choice of weapon is usually a katana adapted to some kind of skill she learned in the Fashion Bushido Club. An interesting property that applies to the majority of her attacks with her katana is that she must sheath her blade after the inital attack for it to affect her target..These skills range widely and are some of the most powerful attacks seen so far in the comic.

List of AttacksEdit

Note: Due to the huge amount of attacks Float possess, this list is far from complete.

  • Form #45 - White Fire Beach Blade
  • White Fire Blade Form #12 - Hairstylist's Vengeance

Speed and AgilityEdit

Float, through serious training and skill, has shown to be one of the fastest and most agile characters in A.T.X.S. and only some are able to rival her prowess. One of her main rivals is Shift, who has, however, proven to be stronger and faster.

Float in A.T.X.S.Edit

Chapter One: Abrupt LandingEdit

In the first chapter, Float is first seen stumbling upon the scene where Sheath has just met Feed & Orbit. She doesn't really pay them any attention at first, but after Sheath insults Float's sense of fashion, Float goes on the offense and attacks Sheath. Nevertheless, they both seem to come together as a group. Later, Float plays a major part in defeating the Indian Brave and giant mechanical scrap robot which threatens the group.

Chapter Two: Unforseen ConsequencesEdit

In Chapter Two Float accompanies Sheath, Feed, and Drift as they traverse the wasteland. It is here they are attacked by Wasteland Bandits and the Wasteland Police. After many battles Float along with Tear, one of the bandits, are captured and taken to the Wasteland Prison.

Chapter Three: To ReuniteEdit

In Chapter Three, Float is eventually rescued from the prison along with Tear, who joins up with the group. However, Feed soon becomes the victim when she is attacked by Shift after not having the funds to pay. Float quickly goes to protect her, but is ultimately defeated.

Chapter Four: The Beach EpisodeEdit

Float plays a less important role in this chapter. After deciding to take a break from all the drama, the group heads to the beach for a much needed vacation. However, they are quickly interrupted by a giant squid followed by inter-dimensional police who kill them all. At the end, however, Condemn resets time to before this episode ever occurred.

Chapter Five: "What do you mean 'crazy'?"Edit

After the incident at the beach, the group comes together and makes the decision to take Sheath to an Asylum to deal with her insanity issues. Everyone pretty much agrees this is the right thing to do, other than Float. However, the votes passed and Sheath was sent away. While Sheath was busy at the Asylum, Float and the group runs into the sinister Mailman. Choosing to fight, Float goes into fierce combat, but is somehow unable to defeat the Mailman. In the end, Feed brings Sheath back and the Mailman is defeated.

Chapter Six: Suddenly it's Sci-FiEdit

In Chapter Six, the group stumbles upon Shift and her group as they fight some sort of inter-dimensional outlaws. Most of the group get caught up in fights, and Float fights Ally. She also reveals that she is now 16 years old.

Chapter Seven: Highly Doubtful Special FiveEdit

In this chapter, Float pairs off with Ally, one of the six elite warriors from the assassin group "Highly Doubtful Special Five", in a duel to the death. During the battle, Float is poisoned by Ally's poisoned blade attacks and becomes drunk, apparently eliciting major changes in her personality, rather than debilitating or deadly poison effects. Ultimately, Float wins the fight when Ally is distracted by the falling, severed body of Corral, giving her an opening to land the finishing blow.


Sheath regularly calls Float her best friend, and Float follows this up with "No, I'm not!"