Feed & Orbit
Feed & Orbit

First Appearance

Chapter 01, Page 005


Ten Years Old

Hair Color

Light Purple

Eye Color




Main Abilities

Feed: None Known. Orbit: Devouring meat

An otherwise normal young girl of about ten or eleven, who was one day caught up in the midst of all this madness without much rhyme or reason. Ultimately protective of Orbit, her round pet, Feed is a vegetarian by preference, but isn't averse to killing people and animals to feed Orbit's carnivorous hunger. In the presence of overwhelming violence, she manifests visions of glowing red televisions, and in the white noise of the static she oftentimes sees patterns and perhaps hears a voice, whispering to her from the world behind the screens.


Almost nothing is known of Feed's past. She rarely references it, and no one ever bothers to ask. Whatever the case, we can make some predictions. She may be an orphan since she has never mentioned her parents. Also, sometime in her past she must have come across Orbit and decided to become it's mother. However, regardless of any assumptions, nothing can be known for sure.


Feed is the youngest of the characters in A.T.X.S. and also is shortest character. Her hair is light purple and shoulder in length and her eyes pink. She wears a yellow ribbon in her hair, and her clothes consist of a red dress. Orbit, her pet, is round and purple with large black eyes and a yellow antenna on it's head.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Feed & Orbit have shown very few abilities and skills in the comic thus far. We do know that Feed hunts down meat for Orbit to consume, but we have rarely seen this happen. Orbit doesn't appear to have any major skills or abilities either, but acts more like an animal when it feasts.

Feed & Orbit in A.T.X.S.Edit

Chapter One: Abrupt LandingEdit

Feed & Orbit first appeared early in the comic, and are the first characters to meet up with Sheath. However, the meeting wasn't particularly a friendly, however. Feed quickly tries to offer Sheath as food, but because of Sheath's generating abilities, she can't feed her to Orbit. Feed continually coming up with ideas to feed Sheath to Orbit becomes a running subplot in the comic.

Chapter Two: Unforseen ConsequencesEdit

Feed & Orbit do not play a major part in the second chapter. However, when Float and Tear get captured by the Wasteland Police, Feed does decide to go save them, although she does not specify her reasoning.

Chapter Three: To ReuniteEdit

Feed and the group decide that they have to go save Float and Tear from the Wasteland Police. Along the way, they meet up a second wandering group lead by the young warrior Shift. Feed sees opportunity and hires Shift and her group to help them save Float and Tear. However, after Tear and Float is saved, Shift discovers that Feed cannot pay them for their duties and thus attacks. In the end, Float attempts to protect Feed but loses.

Chapter Four: The Beach EpisodeEdit

Feed awakes in a hospital after the battle with Shift and her group. She is greeted by Tear who brings her to the rest of the group who all decide that a nice vacation is in order and travel to the beach. They are all soon attacked by a giant squid, followed by inter-dimensional police, Drain and Condemn. Condemn single-handedly kills everyone, including Feed and Orbit. However, after being bothered by Sheath, time is reversed and everyone is brought back to their state before the beach episode ever occurred.

Chapter Five: "What do you mean 'crazy'?"Edit

In chapter five, Feed declares that Sheath continually gets the group into danger due to her insane personality. Although Float objects, the vote passes through and Sheath is sent off to the Asylum. Meanwhile, Feed, Float, Tear, and Drift go to search for some way to earn some money, but end up running into the wicked Mailman. After a fierce battle, Feed decides that they need Sheath and rescues her from the Asylum.

Chapter Six: Suddenly it's Sci-fiEdit

After the Mailman is defeated, Feed and the group run into inter-dimensional outlaws who have escaped from the police, Drain and Condemn. Feed ends up getting targeted by Witch Void Knight and frozen in a solid crystal while Tear attempts to protect her.



Feed and the Screens

*Feed & Orbit's history is almost completely unknown.
  • At times of extreme stress or being around people who are injured, Feed seems to phase off into her own world surrounded by countless screens.
  • It is possible that Feed resembles Cream from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Orbit is somewhat similiar to Cheese, Cream's pet Chao. Feed also acts somewhat like Cream. However, due to Feed's somewhat violent personality, this is unlikely and probably just something odd that the person who is writing this bit of trivia noticed.