First Appearance

Chapter 01, Page 029


Early Thirties

Hair Color


Eye Color

No Information



Main Abilities

Energy Projection, Driving

Group Association

Sheath, Feed & Orbit, Float, Tear

A mysterious man in his upper twenties or early thirties, with a cowboy hat and a hot convertible, Drift, surprisingly true to his name, wanders the world with a cool attitude and a general take-it-as-it comes view towards the future. Never stopping at any point for long, his ultimate motivations are still nebulous. He can fire destructive energy beams from his index fingers. 


Drift is a character with a very blurry past and not much has been revealed about him throughout the series. We do know through flashbacks that many years ago he was in the army and some of his companions died in war. After the war, he seemed to take a liking to cars and his pride is his red convertible.


Drift is one of the oldest and tallest characters in the series. His outfit is a mix of western cowboy and modern street clothes. On his head is a black cowboy hat and covering his eyes is a large pair of sunglasses. His clothes consist of an orange beaded necklace, a yellow vest, and a pair of blue jeans with boots.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Drift has shown to have one of the strongest, yet rarely used abilities in A.T.X.S. thus far. He seems to have the ability to fire extremely powerful blasts from his fingers, which has been shown capable of destroying powerful creatures in one hit. He also has some kind of physical prowess, since he was in the army at some point.

Drift in A.T.X.S.Edit

Chapter One: Abrupt LandingEdit

Drift was mainly absent for the entire first chapter of A.T.X.S. His first appearance occurs near the end of the chapter when he appears to aid Sheath and the group against the huge mechanical junk yard monster. He destroys it with one energy blast.

Chapter Two: Unforeseen Consequences Edit


Drift and his Convertible

In this Chapter, Drift primarily plays the part of transfer. He takes the Sheath in the group aboard his powerful convertible and travels to the Desert Wasteland. It is here that they are pursued by the bandits and the Wasteland police. In the end, Sheath and Tear are captured by the Wasteland Police and taken to prison.

Chapter Three: To ReuniteEdit

Drift carries Sheath and Feed to the Prison along with Shift and her group to save Float and Tear. Although Drift doesn't participate in any of the battles, he is there in the end to take them all to safety.

Chapter Four: The Beach EpisodeEdit

Drift takes everyone to the beach for a well earned vacation, but is rudely interrupted by a giant squid followed by inter-dimensional police. Drift doesn't manage to participate in any real battle, and in the end is killed by Condemn. Luckily, Sheath managed to sway Condemn to reverse everything to before the beach scene occurred.

Chapter Five: "What do you mean 'crazy'?"Edit

After Feed puts up a vote to send Sheath to an insane asylum to help her with her problems. The vote goes through and Sheath is sent away. Meanwhile, Drift takes Feed, Float, and Tear to find a way to earn some money. In the end, he is faced in a battle against the Mailman and stands up to protect Feed. Sheath soon returns and the Mailman is defeated.

Chapter Six: Suddenly it's Sci-FiEdit

Inter-dimensional outlaws suddenly appear and Shift comes along to challenge them in a battle. Drift and the group also stumble across the scene where they are attacked.


  • Drift regularly brings up his old army days.
  • Drift's convertible is able to transform into an anime style mech.