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Chapter 3, Page 63


Mid-Upper Twenties

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Healing, God's Works

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Shift, Squish

An energetic man in his mid-to-upper twenties and Sheath's older brother. Brother and sister grew up together in the monastery, where Brake learned the mystic arts of healing and divine resurrection, while Sheath learned largely nothing of importance. As orphaned children they were inseparable, and their bond remains very deep. Sadly, one day, when Sheath was six years old, Brake decided to leave to go questing, though he would visit periodically. When Sheath was eight, Brake departed on a very long quest, and the siblings would not be reunited for eight years. How sad! At any rate, the sibling resemblance is uncanny, as Brake also inherited a familial ditziness that is more pronounced in his sister.


Brake is an orphan along with his sister, Sheath. They were raised in a monastery where they learned information and skills regarding healing and magic. Brake quickly gained a high level of skill to the point where he could leave the monastery and go out on his own quests. Finally, he did so, when his sister was only six years old. He would not see her again for another eight years. Between this span of time, Brake would come into contact with Shift, a prominent and powerful swordswoman, and join her group.


Brake is one of the tallest and oldest characters in A.T.X.S. His hair is a lighting shade of yellow, and his eyes a light pink. Along his right eye is a very noticeable scar. He wears an orange open shirt, a pair of green pants, and sandals on his feet.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Healing Magic:Edit

Brake's main ability is in healing magic. By praying to God, he can heal his own body, or bring others back from the dead. As long as his spirit is physically inside his body, his healing abilities are almost limitless, or as limitless as God will allow. He has used this magic in every fight where he was presence so far, and has provided to be one of the most important characters in the series.

God's Wrath:Edit

Other than healing magic, Brake can also pray to God to deliver his wrath, which usually consists of huge rays of energy, upon his enemies. This, however, seems to take more time than healing.

Brake in ATXSEdit

Brake was first seen at The Way Station with Shift and the rest of the group. It is here that he reunites with Sheath after eight years. After learning about Sheath's position in trying to save her friend Float and Tear from the Wasteland Police, he agrees to help them. However, once they are saved, Shift turns on Feed because she did not receive payment. For the most part, Shift stayed out of the quarrel.

Brake is later seen fighting inter-dimensional outlaws, the Void Knights. It is here that he prepared one of his more powerful attacks, God's Wrath. Due to the extreme amount of time it takes to use this attack, Shift and the others had to fight the Void Knights. Eventually he does finish, but even that could not break through Knigh Void Knight's shield. In the end, the outlaws are captured by Condemn and Drain and the rest are left behind.


  • Brake refers to his God in almost all of his sentences in one way or another.
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